About Us..


    EDMY Corporation is a multidisciplinary supplier and mechanical engineering company with more than 30 years of experience in providing solutions, niche products, and engineering packages for wide diverse industries. Our Key Business Areas includes:

  • Heavy Lift and Heavy Move Material Handling and Skidding Technology
  • Offshore and Maritime Technology and Other Subsea Equipment
  • Hot Water Systems and Calorifiers
  • Water Treatments Systems
  • Ozone Generation Systems
  • UV Technology
  • Cleaning Equipment
  • Spray Nozzles
  • We also maintain well-equipped facilities capable of providing comprehensive stock inventory, competent engineering support, and after-market services.


We are the leading solution provider for heavy lift and heavy move material handling and skidding technology. Our specialization covers Cater-chained Roller Skates (Dollies), Sliding Pads and Skidding Systems applicable to Offshore Rig Skidding, Mud Treatment Skidding, Jacket Launch, Jacket Load-out, BOP Handling, Ship Transfer Skidding, Skid-off conversion, Module Load-out, Pipe & Cable Laying, & Special Heavy Handling System.

We are the sole representative for Hubbell, the Electric Water Company in South East Asia. We are selling Hubbell USCG / ABS Type Approved Hot Water Heaters and holds inventory of spare parts. With our very own in-house qualified technicians, we are capable of providing solutions of the skidded hot water system package.

EDMY Corporation also provides water treatment products for Marine Sewage Treatment Plants, Membrane Filter Technology, Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Equipment, Chlorination/ Brominating/ Silver Ion Sterilization, rehardening (mineralizing) filters, dechlorinating filters & UV disinfection technology. We also store spare parts for this type of product such as water treatment chemicals, filters, expandable and consumable spares.

Aside from these, we also provide UV Technology equipments and we provide replacements for UV Lamp tubes. It is used for air sterilization and quality control in ducting, AHU and as an air conditioning equipment and also water sterilization.

We also deal with Spraying Nozzle Technology for environmental control and protection, gas and steam cooling systems, paper and pulp industries, and hot roll steel manufacturing.


We are committed to provide our clients with smart engineering and cost effective alternative. Our highly qualified Engineering and technical teams are determined to provide the best engineering solution and application to meet the crucial demands of our clients.

Our aggressive stocking policy optimizes our commitment to serve our customers. We continuously provide fast and efficient service and in order to facilitate highly urgent demands, we keep our spare parts ready.

At EDMY, we strive to offer the excellence in delivering our products and engineering services.