Welcome to EDMY Corporation

EDMY Corporation is a multidisciplinary supplier and mechanical engineering company with more than 30 years of experience in providing solutions, niche products, and engineering packages for wide diverse industries.

Our Key Business Areas includes:

  • Heavy Lift and Heavy Move Material Handling and Skidding Technology
  • Offshore and Maritime Technology and Other Subsea Equipment
  • Hot Water Systems and Calorifiers
  • Air Sterilization, Purification, and Odour Control Equipment
  • Water Treatments Systems
  • Ozone Generation Systems
  • UV Technology
  • Cleaning Equipment
  • Spray Nozzles

We also maintain well-equipped facilities capable of providing comprehensive stock inventory, competent engineering support, and after-market services.

Featured Products
Marina Bay Skypark :
VSL Technical Centre Asia (VSL Singapore) Yongnam Engineering and Construction Pte Ltd
Jet Fuel Package :
SMOE Pte Ltd November 2011 Norwegian North Sea
DB50 McDermott Pipe Laying Barge
Sembawang Shipyard Pte Ltd January 2012 Singapore